Revisiting Thanksgiving 1960 pt II

Envisioning The American Dream

vintage childrens schoolbook illustration Dick Jane & Sally Vintage school book illustration “Fun With Dick & Jane” 1951 Visiting Grandparents on the farm

It was Thanksgiving weekend of 1960.

Just like the mythical Dick, Jane and Sally would visit Grandmother and Grandfather on their farm, I was off for an overnight visit with mine, not on a farm like in the classic children’s primer, but in their apartment in Queens, NY.

Visiting granparents from Queens to the Farm The pastoral green meadows of Dick Jane and Sallys grandparents farm were a far cry from dingy Queen, NY

But there was nothing bucolic about this NYC borough.

Having just spent Thanksgiving with my maternal grandmother in Manhattan, a place where every single thing seemed infused with energy and glittering with promise, Queens seemed, to my suburban sensibility,  a borough in  which everyone and everything looked as if it had long since passed its inspiration date.

Because my grandparents still lived in the same brick, Art-Deco-Moderne apartment…

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Meet the Growing Electronic Demands With TigerDirect Coupons 10%

Meet the Kids Who Don’t Want Toys For Christmas


It had been only two days since Ruth Soukup had re-organized her daughters’ room, and there were still a few toys on the floor that her kids, then three and six years old, refused to pick up. “I would say to the girls, ‘If you can’t take care of your stuff, I’m going to have to take it all away,’” Soukup recalls. It was an empty threat, until that afternoon when Soukup realized she genuinely “wanted it all gone.”

Very calmly, Soukup started taking everything except for furniture out of their room and amassing their toys into a gigantic pile.

She took away all their dress-up clothes, baby dolls, Polly Pockets and stuffed animals, all of their Barbies, building blocks and toy trains, right down to the furniture from their dollhouse and play food from their kitchen. She even took the pink Pottery Barn Kids comforter from their bed.


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15 Things Women Want In A Relationship

James Michael Sama

It is often discussed how difficult it is to understand women. While many times this may seem to be the case, I don’t think it necessarily has to be. I think we all are hard to understand sometimes – we even have a hard time understanding ourselves. I know I do.

But if we really observe, pay attention, and learn along the way – we can find some consistencies and reach conclusions about what we as men can understand in order to be more in-tuned with the wants and needs of the woman in our life.


She wants to be able to be strong without you being threatened.

There are many strong, confident women in the world who take on leadership roles at work and other areas of their life, but subsequently feel that this intimidates men who immediately shy away from them. If this is part of her natural personality…

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Christmas wishes 2014 for friends

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Christmas wishes 2014 for friends

See Google’s Smarter Take On Smart TV In Our Android TV Video Walkthrough

Google’s TV ambitions get their “take two” moment with the launch of the Nexus Player this week. Android TV powers the set-top streamer, though the software is more important than the hardware, as Google will look to get its media platform built in to the TVs and set-top boxes of other manufacturers, aping its ability to conquer the mobile market. It tried this already with Google TV, but this second foray is smarter and benefits from lessons learned from observing and participating in the evolution of the over-the-top software market.

I’m a big fan of Android TV, even in its infancy. While some reviewers cited the Nexus Player’s flaws as reasons for a mostly lukewarm response, I think the software has a lot more potential than many are giving it credit for. It’s a nascent platform that needs more third-party support to truly shine, but in the short-term what it lacks in that regard can be made up by its ability to act as a Chromecast device.


See Google’s Smarter Take On Smart TV In Our Android TV Video Walkthrough

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6 Kids Cartoons Adventure Time Fans Should Be Watching

The Cosmic Anvil Blog

It’s a cartoon special this week! Thirsty for more adventure? More wackiness? More epicosity? This week we’re taking a break from the world of comics and manga recommendations to count down our top 6 (because 5 just wasn’t enough…) kids cartoons – other than Adventure Time – that you should really be watching right now:

Bravest Warriors Bravest Warriors

  1. Bravest Warriors

Channel: You Tube/Cartoon Hangover

Creator: Pendleton Ward

If you’re already an Adventure Time fan, then Bravest Warriors is a pretty easy sell when you realise that they share the same creative talents of Pendleton Ward. Set in the year 3085, the show revolves around Ward’s version of the Teen Titans as they travel around weird and wonderful parts of the universe having weird and wonderful adventures. Although it is aimed at a more mature audience than Adventure Time – with references to beer and a cheeky elf named, um, ‘Wankershim’ –…

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Christmas wishes 2014 for happiness and pleasures

Christmas wishes 2014 year which comes end of the year and remembers our happiest moments and  unhappy moments so that we learn lots of things from the past year Christmas wishes 2014 as well as we greet our neighbors,  friends, loved once, family members, etc.  During the season of Christmas holidays we enjoy a lot with our friends and family members at the same time take some time to give Christmas greetings 2014, Christmas blessings and Christmas wishes 2014 so have pleasant fun enjoy by simple things. may this wonderful Christmas wishes 2014 for happiness and pleasures touch your lovely heart in a special way of  Christmas greetings 2014 wishing thought the year.

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Long On The Top And Short On The Sides.

Milk & Whiskey

Ok, first off I don’t normally cut hair, barring the occasional mohawk given in a garage or back patio.  MILK enjoys butchering hair into all types of attempted styles, thus her early nickname “The Barber of Seville,” but despite people’s totally unjustified faith in her, she has zero skills in this area. Someone once actually trusted her with a tattoo gun, so her power to enchant with a false sense of ability is real.

Basically we’re both grossly unqualified to handle scissors, that’s a given, but more to the point, neither of us ever learned to communicate with a barber or stylist. As an adult, this has been an unexpected (and sometimes disastrous) challenge.

I credit our mom and grandmother for a long series of 70’s bowl cuts. This was achieved in ten minutes, every four months, with a literal bowl on my head. Seriously when everybody calls you Danny and you have the same…

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