Thanksgiving by Alice Rose Crow~Maar’aq

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2849622546_5f46ccc5ec_oWe are pleased to share the first winning entry in Brevity‘s Holiday Smile contest:

After freeze up, smiling Eskimo kids, imported Bureau of Indian Affairs kids, Federal Fish and Wildlife kids, Federal Aviation Administration kids, school teacher’s kids, missionary’s kids, and cop’s kids sat around faux wood tables at the yellow state-operated school. We spilled broken crayons from repurposed red No. 10 coffee cans to connect the dots then color in stock images. Smiling Indians offered provisions into outstretched hands of smiling settlers. We reached for Crayolas to color Indians a mix of tan and brown; pilgrims, peach. If we dug around and couldn’t find a sliver of peach, we left smiling settler faces blank. If we colored on construction paper, we grabbed white nubs.

We were American children sitting in compulsory school. We had already stood up to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. After coloring, gluing, and stapling, we…

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Run Towards Each Other by Katherine Riegel

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3052952105_13829d2a06_zAnother winning entry in Brevity‘s Holiday Smile contest:

It is Thanksgiving, again. My smile is a weapon cutting off access to my grief-treasure. Or perhaps my smile is a slash given me by the gods of loss, always careless with their powers, when my mother died the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Her smile was a whole language: it made her a child, impish, until near the end, when it made her uncertain, afraid, vulnerable. Something small and furry you want to pick up out of the snow, cradle, help to survive.

My smile has survived – big-toothed, upper lip drawn high enough to expose my gums –  because my sister cradled me, my old loves did, my new loves hold me still. All with their arms stretched out to me – me, insignificant as grass.

Isn’t this what the holidays remind us to do? Run towards each other, with food. Bring…

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Sci-Fi Is for Everyone: Six Stories About Marginalized Groups in Science Fiction


Genre literature has power. Mainstream science fiction, historically, has a representation problem. (Why are there no black people in the future? Or, better yet, why is there only one black person in the future?! Did LGBTQ people disappear, too?) Where does that leave us? When I see a white-dominated cast in a sci-fi movie, or read a novel laced with not-so-subtle homophobia, it’s hard for me to believe that our imaginations cannot see beyond the basic power structures influencing our lives today and create something new. That’s why I’m intrigued by African sci-fi and Afrofuturism. I’ve included essays about women in sci-fi, as well as queer representation in the genre, because it’s a thrill to see traditionally marginalized groups take on a genre that has so much to offer them. Sci-fi should be for everyone.

1. “Women Rise in Sci Fi (Again).” (Rose Eveleth, The Atlantic, November 2014)

Women have…

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Christmas wishes 2014 year

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Christmas wishes 2014 year

ThighMasters and the Great Big Fat Nope.

Milk & Whiskey

I didn’t make it to the gym today. That makes 20 years straight. I should get a chip or something.

I hate everything about the gym. I hate the whole idea of a gym. Striving for self-improvement in that way comes dangerously close to declaring oneself not quite good enough as is, and I’m not having it. Something about all those people sweating on all of those machines, climbing stairs to nowhere, running in place, it just upsets me.

My husband just got a gym membership. I assumed it would sit in his wallet as unused as the bike he got last year, but I was wrong. He’s at the gym at 5 in the goddamn morning every other day. (Did you know there was a FIVE in the MORNING? I seem to remember it from the first few months of my child’s life, but other than that I refuse…

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How to Fake a Medieval Fresco in Third Reich Germany


Down in the schwahl, Malskat and the Feys set to work, attempting to reclaim history by scraping away the paint with which Olbers had tried to recapture the past. But subtracting what their predecessor had done—whether on account of Olbers’ pigments or the Feys’ incompetence—left almost none of the original paint. A nearly 700-year-old national treasure had vanished, and Ernst Fey was legally responsible for the disappearance.

Most likely Fey was the one to think of a fix. Unquestionably Malskat was the one who achieved it. Over the next several months, the erstwhile housepainter whitewashed the brick, discoloring his lime with pigment to give the walls an ancient tint. Onto this fresh surface he painted freehand his own version of the murals. Necessarily these were based on Olbers’ 19th-century restorations, reverse engineered to approximate the early medieval originals by reference to period examples in the professor’s catalogues. Drawing his figures…

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Going… going… gone

In and around Dublin




It’s always a sobering experience (yeah, roight) when that shutter slams mercilessly shut.

“Have yize got no home to go to?” shouts the ungrateful publican, whose Maserati Quatraporte we’ve partially funded over the years, with a great sense of duty, at no small risk for the optimum functioning of our liver…

So we did put an end to the proceedings. The rest of the solving of all the world’s problems will have to wait for another session.

It has been another great year for the Big Nose Club.
May there be many more!

Once reminded of that elusive home we were meant to go back to, I climbed onto my trusted bicycle (trusted in so far as it is fitted with an autopilot for the return journey from a BNC meeting) and cycled away the pints and the impending frostbite.

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Revisiting Thanksgiving 1960 pt II

Envisioning The American Dream

vintage childrens schoolbook illustration Dick Jane & Sally Vintage school book illustration “Fun With Dick & Jane” 1951 Visiting Grandparents on the farm

It was Thanksgiving weekend of 1960.

Just like the mythical Dick, Jane and Sally would visit Grandmother and Grandfather on their farm, I was off for an overnight visit with mine, not on a farm like in the classic children’s primer, but in their apartment in Queens, NY.

Visiting granparents from Queens to the Farm The pastoral green meadows of Dick Jane and Sallys grandparents farm were a far cry from dingy Queen, NY

But there was nothing bucolic about this NYC borough.

Having just spent Thanksgiving with my maternal grandmother in Manhattan, a place where every single thing seemed infused with energy and glittering with promise, Queens seemed, to my suburban sensibility,  a borough in  which everyone and everything looked as if it had long since passed its inspiration date.

Because my grandparents still lived in the same brick, Art-Deco-Moderne apartment…

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Meet the Kids Who Don’t Want Toys For Christmas


It had been only two days since Ruth Soukup had re-organized her daughters’ room, and there were still a few toys on the floor that her kids, then three and six years old, refused to pick up. “I would say to the girls, ‘If you can’t take care of your stuff, I’m going to have to take it all away,’” Soukup recalls. It was an empty threat, until that afternoon when Soukup realized she genuinely “wanted it all gone.”

Very calmly, Soukup started taking everything except for furniture out of their room and amassing their toys into a gigantic pile.

She took away all their dress-up clothes, baby dolls, Polly Pockets and stuffed animals, all of their Barbies, building blocks and toy trains, right down to the furniture from their dollhouse and play food from their kitchen. She even took the pink Pottery Barn Kids comforter from their bed.


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15 Things Women Want In A Relationship

James Michael Sama

It is often discussed how difficult it is to understand women. While many times this may seem to be the case, I don’t think it necessarily has to be. I think we all are hard to understand sometimes – we even have a hard time understanding ourselves. I know I do.

But if we really observe, pay attention, and learn along the way – we can find some consistencies and reach conclusions about what we as men can understand in order to be more in-tuned with the wants and needs of the woman in our life.


She wants to be able to be strong without you being threatened.

There are many strong, confident women in the world who take on leadership roles at work and other areas of their life, but subsequently feel that this intimidates men who immediately shy away from them. If this is part of her natural personality…

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