Revisiting Thanksgiving 1960 pt II

Envisioning The American Dream

vintage childrens schoolbook illustration Dick Jane & Sally Vintage school book illustration “Fun With Dick & Jane” 1951 Visiting Grandparents on the farm

It was Thanksgiving weekend of 1960.

Just like the mythical Dick, Jane and Sally would visit Grandmother and Grandfather on their farm, I was off for an overnight visit with mine, not on a farm like in the classic children’s primer, but in their apartment in Queens, NY.

Visiting granparents from Queens to the Farm The pastoral green meadows of Dick Jane and Sallys grandparents farm were a far cry from dingy Queen, NY

But there was nothing bucolic about this NYC borough.

Having just spent Thanksgiving with my maternal grandmother in Manhattan, a place where every single thing seemed infused with energy and glittering with promise, Queens seemed, to my suburban sensibility,  a borough in  which everyone and everything looked as if it had long since passed its inspiration date.

Because my grandparents still lived in the same brick, Art-Deco-Moderne apartment…

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